Get rid of the
hiccups fast

sugar spoon

hold breath


lemon wedge
Getting Rid of Hiccups

Do holding your breath, getting scared or breathing into a paper bag cure the hiccups. For some people, these methods do work. But, if you already tried these and still have the hiccups give one of the following suggested cures a try:

1. A spoonful of sugar swollowed dry.

2. Suck in and swallow your own breath. (If you know how to make yourself burp on command, it's the same kind of motion).

3. Tickle the roof of your mouth with a Q-tip.

4. Suck on a lemon wedge.

Do any of these work? Who knows. The sucking air one has worked for me before a few times, other people swear that sugar is the percent cure for hiccups.

If you have hiccups for more than a few days, you should go see a doctor as it could be a medical problem.

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